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Scripture opens with an account of the Creation.  The moral of the story is that all things were created good and to be good.  The ultimate meaning of life is revealed throughout all Scripture, but the most express points are brought out in the fifth and sixth chapters of St. John, where we read that all will be resurrected on the last day, some to life and some to death.  Chapter 6 reveals that those who with reverence for God, faith and active love sacramentally partake of Christ's Body and Blood shall be raised to eternal life on the last day.  The purpose of life is Communion with God, to receive this resurrection to life by first (read Mark 1) repenting, believing in the good tidings of the Kingdom, and becoming part of it and bring others with you, beginning the life of the Kingdom even now, extending to eternal life.   Lord, grant us the grace to desire it.  For a deeper look at this, please see the following videos:    


Fr. Dumitru Staniloae on the meaning of life

Patriarch Pavle of Serbia on the meaning of life

Sermon on the Purpose of Life:  Communion with God

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*Note, the audio readings above are provided by Ancient Faith Radio and provides readings based on the Revised Orthodox Julian Calendar, because a majority of Orthodox jurisdictions are on the Revised Julian Calendar, as are the large majority of Orthodox in America.  While most of the year the daily readings are the same for the Julian and Revised Julian Calendar, there is a portion of the calendar where they differ.  For this reason, we here provide the readings for days when they differ. 

Saint of the Day

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Julian Saint of the Day

The above audio readings are provided by AFR and are based on the Orthodox Revised Julian Calendar because a majority of Orthodox jurisdictions (and the largest three in the US) follow the RJC.  There are no audio readings based on the old Julian reckoning of the Menaion. 


The Orthodox Calendars (both Julian and Revised Julian) are both the same with regard to the Octoechos, the Lenten Triodion, the Pentecostorian (Flowery Triodion).  The only difference is that observation of the Menaion (currently 13 days apart) and "shifts" that occur with regard to the Menaion (such as Lucan jump, and when major feasts fall on a particular day).


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